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Company: NIKE EHQ

Even within a couple of days of being in Amsterdam, The Boathouse really felt like a great place to go home to! I loved being able to sit out on the canal and have breakfast in the sun, or drinking wine with the guys from the house under the stars and chilling out. It’s very well looked after and also "very" convenient for getting on and off public transport. My early morning taxi to Schiphol only took 10 minutes! And talking of ten minutes, on your bike you can be in central Amsterdam in that time, or going the other way, you can be cruising alongside the beautiful expanse of water called Het Nieuwe Meer towards Sloten. The Boathouse is a really versatile concept which you make work, making it your “base” however you need. It worked for me!

Profession: Journalist
Company: Dutch newspaper

What I like about the Boathouse, is the perfect mix of privacy and a pleasant social life. If you want to work, go to your room, close the door and you’re in your own little office. If you get tired of working and you want to have endless discussions about Life, the Universe and Everything, go to the kitchen, take a beer out of the fridge and talk the night away with the other guys.

Company: Cisco

Emphasized the convenience factor- cleaning is done for you, there are a washing machine and dryer on site. Everything is taken care of, he has a busy lifestyle and we make his life very easy, no worries about paying bills etc., lets him devote most of his time to working or relaxation.

Company: ABN AMRO

When I first went to look at The Boathouse I thought, do I really want to be out here? Being new to Amsterdam it seemed far out of town. However the location is perfect. The more I explored the area the more I liked it. Easy and quick to get into town by tram or bike and near the metro as well. Then you have Vondelpark and the countryside nearby too. In short all the action is reachable, but you can relax in a non-tourist area.The house itself is more like a hotel, all the bad chores are taken care of for you. You can choose to sit and have a chat with other housemates or just lock yourself away in your room with your TV, Video etc.

Profession: Program Manager
Company: TomTom

Despite being a house share, this is a surprisingly quiet and mellow place to relax after a hard day at the office. Often feels like you have the whole place to yourself. And the leafy 1st floor terrace adds to the charm. In short, just feels like home.